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State and Local Taxation

State and Local Taxation: State and local taxation, also known as SALT, are fees and taxes that are imposed on individuals and licensed businesses. While the tax and license fees are different depending on location, the accounting specialists at LKJG, Inc. DBA James M Tilbrook CPA can make sure that you aren't paying a cent over what you need. With rules and regulations constantly changing, it is more difficult for individuals and companies to keep up. Luckily, our team specializes in tax obligations. We also stay current with state tax deductions and refunds to make sure that you can get the most out of your accounts. We serve Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Fernandina Beach. Contact us now at (904) 477-3369 to get started. Call Us Today.

Our Specialists Can Help with Your Tax Requirements

Our Specialists Can Help with Your Tax Requirements: It is important that you know what is required of you when it comes time to file your taxes. This includes knowing your tax requirements and obligations. Our specialists can help in all areas of local and state taxation. Among the services we offer are Multi-state individual taxation, compliant, and planning, Nexus studies, Compliance services including personal property tax, Local/state tax dispute, Internal tax account processing, Local/state transactions, Evaluation, and Audit representation and cloud taxation consultation.

Important Documents for State Income Tax

Important Documents for State Income Tax: Your tax deductions and returns are dependent on many factors, including where you live, where your business is conducted, your income and dependents. Here are some topics and documents that you should keep handy for when you file your income taxes or in case you get audited: Personal and Dependent(s) Information, Your social security number or tax ID, Your spouse's name, social security number or tax ID, Your dependents birthday, SSN, or tax ID, The income of all adults living with you, Source(s) of Income, Proof of employment, Proof of unemployment, Rental income, Savings and investment, and Retirement income, Deductions, Charity donations, Medical expenses and health insurance, Homeownership, Childcare, Education, and Job expenses.

Filing State Tax Deduction

Filing State Tax Deduction: We often find several ways to save our clients' money on deductions while filing state taxes. So even if the state tax is low in your state, it is important to file them. Not only is it an obligation, but it could end up benefiting you financially if done properly.

SALT Accountants

SALT Accountants: SALT accountants are explicitly trained on local and state laws. We stay up to date on the frequently changing policies and rules to ensure that you are aware and benefit from new tax structures. We also have years of experience working with business of all sizes. We will make sure you follow all tax requirements. Using our professional SALT accountants means that you're tax compliant, tax licensed and that your tax deadlines will be met. Benefit from our tax planning services by getting in touch with one of our representatives today.

LKJG, Inc. DBA James M Tilbrook CPA Can Help with State and Local Taxation

LKJG, Inc. DBA James M Tilbrook CPA Can Help with State and Local Taxation: Investing in a SALT accountant today is an investment that will save you time and money later on. Contact one of our team members now for more information and to schedule a consultation. We can even prepare you ahead of time so you can be more confident with your next state and local taxation. Contact Us.

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